great lengths

Extensions are very popular among celebrities!

Gary Stylez is certified by Great Lengths USA to use their Ultrasonic 5000 Cold Fusion System and  application technics. This method is done strand by strand, and gives the most natural looking results. They allow you to have movement and you can even put your hair in a ponytail. Gary only uses and applies 100% human hair, so you can curl, blow dry and even color or balayage this hair like your own. Hair Extensions in Phoenix can last 3-5 months.

"Hair Extensions Change Your Life. If They Are Applied Properly, And Maintained Sufficiently – You'll Never Look Back!"

10" - is approximately shoulder length

12" - is approximately just past the shoulders

14" - is approximately mid length 

16" - is approximately just above bra strap 

18" - is approximately bra strap 

20" - is approximately waist length

24" - is approximately below waist length