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David F. ~ * * * * * 5 Star rating Jun 02, 2019


What else can I say? I had the best hair care experience in my life and came out looking so hot that I still can't stop checking myself out in every mirror I pass. Yeah, he owns my hair care business from this point forward. I'll be screwed if he moves far away!


Gary has given me a new look that will be a life changing thing! (for the better of course) He is a true hair styling & treatment professional that takes the time to listen and team up with you to create a look that is simply spectacular. I went from looking like an old trog to looking like a a young hottie that ANY woman would crave. I have never done those kinds of hair treatments before in my life and he very carefully and correctly advised me on trying them. He knew how to help me choose the right color and style and made it exciting and fun, not stressful at all. I did end up spending about 5 times what I originally planned (a simple wash &cut,) but it was the best money I have EVER spent on my hair in my life. I am SOOOO glad I took his advice and let him transform my looks and life to hot guy status!


Ja'Leasa W.~ * * * * * 5 start rating Dec 03, 2017


Like how it is private cubicles.


Gary Stylez is amazing in what he does. Gary can work with any kind of hair... from curly to straight. His cuts are amazing! Gary is always head on with color! Anything you ask for he can make it possible!

Mary N.~ * * * * * 5 star Rating Feb 15, 2017


Amazing job!

Ayelet H.~ * * * * * 5 star rating May 16, 2016


I must say, this whole salon suite thing is out of my norm, but it was interesting relaxing, private and accommodating enough not to look a mess during the process of my hair service yet open enough to not be uncomfortably close to the stylist.


Its been a while since I have had a decent color, cut and style service before I was referred to Gary. From the first time Gary had done my hair to the present day, its like he knew what I wanted from the moment I sat in his chair the first time. Though he still gave me a consultation so that we both would know what the final look/result was going to be. I would definitely recommend to at least give it one chance and you'll be hooked.

Heather F.~ * * * * * 5 star rating Jun 16, 2013


I have known Gary for a long time and he has been doing my hair just as long. He is always willing to listen to what I want, he offers his own professional suggestions, and his execution is always amazing. I know each time I go to him, my hair is in good hands.

Natalie Z.~ * * * * * 5 star rating Feb 19, 2013


Great hair stylist ! The best.

Susan R.~ * * * * * 5 star rating Dec 26, 2012


Gary is an artist. My hair has never looked as good before Gary. I love the way he colors, cuts and styles my hair.

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